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Silkymit For Legs 3 pack

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Hair Removing Glove & Exfoliator

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The original silkymit hair removing glove and exfoliator. The sensible alternative to shaving or waxing.

Did you know? Consistent use of Silkymit actually discourages hair regrowth! Silkymit is reusable; it is the ideal alternative to shaving or waxing, or for use between waxes. Silkymit also works perfectly as an exfoliator prior to applying fake tan.



  • Skin must be dry.
  • Rotate the mit in circular motion, several times one way and then in the opposite direction.
  • Do not rub up and down.
  • Heavy pressure is unnecessary.
  • It a fine white powder appears, this is simply beneficial exfoliation and will disappear after wiping with a damp towel.


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Silkymit For Legs 3 pack

Earn 0.39 Reward Points