Hirudoid Cream 14g & 40g


Effective anti-inflammatory cream for the treatment of bruises, swelling, scars

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Hirudoid Cream is an effective antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory cream for the treatment of bruises, swelling, scars and various inflammatory conditions of the veins. Inhibits inflammation, relieves pain and tension in the afflicted area and shortens the duration of the problem. Treats surgical or accidental injuries such as haematomas, contusions, bruises, swelling, inflammation, sprains, strains and other minor injuries.

Loosens and softens scar tissue, reduces the redness, increases scar tissue elasticity and improves the cosmetic appearance of old and new scars.


Unless otherwise directed by the physician, apply a 3 to 5 cm ribbon of Hirudoid to the affected area once or twice a day as required and massage gently into the skin until absorbed. If the area is extensive or particularly painful, spread Hirudoid on it cautiously and cover with a dressing soaked with the cream. It should also be massaged around the edge of the affected area. For loosening of hard scars, Hirudoid should be massaged in firmly.


Heparinoid (Mucopolysaccharide Polysulfuric Acid Ester) bovine 3mg/g


Keep the cream away from the eyes and do not apply to bleeding areas or open sores. If unexpected bleeding should occur, consult your doctor.


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Hirudoid Cream 14g & 40g

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