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Habitrol Chewing Gum 2mg 96 Pieces Mint

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Helps You Stop Smoking

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A proven and effective type of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Habitrol Gum allows the smoker to replace the dangerous habit of smoking with a much safer alternative source of nicotine. Habitrol Gum helps you to give up smoking by alleviating the symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal.

These symptoms can include anxiety, irritability, headaches, sweating, and mood swings. When you chew Habitrol Gum, small amounts of nicotine become released and are absorbed through the lining of the mouth. This provides the smoker with a controlled way to satisfy the body's craving for nicotine.

Indication(s) and Use(s): Habitrol Gum provides a convenient, flexible course of treatment for smokers who have decided to quit. It comes in either 2mg or 4mg strength in both mint or fruit flavour. Each pack contains 96 pieces of gum. Follow the recommended chewing technique of chewing and 'parking' the gum in the side of the mouth to ensure its efficiency. If you have decided to kick the smoking habit for good then Habitrol Gum is the product that can help you to achieve this.


Chew between 8 and 12 pieces of gum daily. Do not use more than 15 pieces of gum a day. Chewing Technique:

  • Chew one piece of gum slowly until the taste becomes strong
  • Rest the Habitrol gum between you gum and your cheek
  • Start to chew again when the taste has faded
  • Repeat chewing routine for about 30 minutes

Read packaging for chewing directions.

Habitrol Gum 2mg is recommended for those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day. The 4mg gum is recommended for those who smoke more that 20 cigarettes a day.
Do not exceed recommended daily dose.


Active Ingredients: 2mg of Nicotine


Habitrol gum is NOT suitable for children. If you are on any prescribed medication you should see your doctor before using Habitrol gum. Do not use Habitrol gum if pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not exceed the maximum stated dose. Do not smoke while using Habitrol gum.

If you suffer from any of the following you should consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Habitrol gum:

  • Heart or vascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Overactive thyroid.

In some cases, possible adverse effects may include hypersensitivity reactions to ingredients in this product.

Medicines have benefits and some may have risks.  Always read the label carefully and use strictly as directed.

If symptoms persist or you have side effects, consult your doctor/pharmacist/health professional.


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Habitrol Chewing Gum 2mg 96 Pieces Mint

Earn 0.70 Reward Points