DentalPro Interdental Brush Sizes 0 to 5


Range of 6 convenient sizes 0.6mm to 1.5mm

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DentalPro Interdental Brushes are designed to remove plaque from the spaces between your teeth, especially on irregular tooth surfaces.

Using an interdental brush does not replace the need to brush your teeth, but it is instead an addition to your daily hygiene routine.

Plaque removal is improved 95% when used in combination with a toothbrush.

Travelling caps and portability make them ideal for travellers.


Insert brush gently into triangle gap between teeth. Using a soft straight back and forth motion, remove plaque and food particles.


Never insert or pull brush into small an opening by force. Do not bend wire. Use only to remove plaque and food particles between teeth. Remember to clean brush after each use. Please read directions and consult your dentist if you have uncomfortable pain or continuous bleeding. Keep out of reach of children.


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DentalPro Interdental Brush Sizes 0 to 5

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