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Fitty Dent Super Adhesive Cream 40g

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Waterproof Denture Adhesive with the long lasting extra firm hold

Fittydent Super is the only denture adhesive worldwide which is waterproof, thus not washed out while eating and drinking. It provides an extremely strong hold and assures that the denture will stay fixed to the gum all day long. Fittydent Super Denture Adhesive Cream gives you the freedom and confidence to speak and laugh freely all day long, and helps you to eat and drink without worry or embarrassment. UPC_002240001022

  • Clean and dry your dentures thoroughly. Fittydent can only develop its full adhesive power when the dentures are completely dry.
  • Apply fittydent to your dentures by squeezing the tube slightly. Warm the tube in hand if it is cold to let the adhesive come out easily.
  • Apply fittydent to your dentures in strips, making sure that the adhesive is not too close to the edge of the denture.
  • To avoid clogging, close tube tightly immediately after use.
  • Insert dentures into mouth and bite firmly.
  • For best result wait 15 min. before eating or drinking.
Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Solution of Polyvinylacetate, Petrolatum
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